town Access local knowledge and places. Follow your council, MP or school. Locate community, interest and religious groups. Create and join town networks. Follow other towns. street post Live posts from Townsquare users. List a page for a town event. Post up items and services on offer. Create a notice for a lost pet, person or item and broadcast to multiple towns. the watch Get emerging and breaking local news. Share the latest weather, transport, crime and safety incidents. Follow local service, environmental and planning proposals. the hub Ask the town a question. Create and crowd fund a town project. Rally or join a cause. Debate major town incidents, trends and proposals. Propose town forums. Call town polls. the square Get alerts when a town issue ‘heats’. Follow town sentiment as it develops. Cast your vote in a townsquare poll. Send consensus to the town Mayor or Local MP. Track their response. market Check out your local shops and businesses. Create and promote your garage sale or community market. Participate in local Freecycles, bartering & giving. Put out a town call for a new shop. street post market the watch the hub town where to? the square buy swap sell lost event notice issues crime weather transport news to the watch! to the square! to town! to the post! to market! to the hub!