Hi! I'm Dave.

I've been building websites for over 18 years. Over that time I've had experience with basically every aspect of digital media, from initial client consultations and planning; concepts and design; database, back-end and front-end development; so many banner ads; various micro-sites; web apps; competitions etc. Primarily front-end development though.

I lived in the city of Sydney for most of my life until about 5 years ago when I moved out to Rylstone to spend time with my dear old mum. Now I love it out here and I make a living making websites for people and other general contracting. Feel free to contact me if you need a website or are looking for a developer for any occasion.

Despite the name of this site, I'm not really much of a designer. However, I do like to give it a crack sometimes, like this site for instance and the Rylstone Kandos site. I like to keep it pretty clean and minimal.


Portfolio V4

Andrew Brown


Rylstone Kandos

Town Square

Ken Done


sass & bide

Animal Logic

Jan Logan

see-saw films

Hotel Bondi Swim



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